Veterans Plaza Vandalized "Park  Electronic Interactive Display of Thousands of Veterans Honoring Their Military Service Destroyed"


Veterans Plaza of Northern Colorado is a 501 C3 non profit established in 2012 to build the visibility and Honor all service Veterans and thier families, while strengthening the foundation of support for these unique and highly valued citizens of the region. 

​The Veterans Plaza raised over $1.2 million and built over 10 years a Venue of 3 acres with places for celebrations and peaceful contemplations accented by many displays reflecting past, present and future military service.. It is the only facility of its kind in Northern Colorado, and there is no charge to the many non-profits and public service groups for its use. Events are held throughout the year by the Plaza and the many veterans Service groups including on special holidays. Over the past years The Vietnam Wall was brought to the Plaza as had been the new displays for the Post 9/11 service service men and women in the region.. Northern Colorado is home to over 50,000 Veterans and with their families they are over 120,000 of the regional population. The young Post 9/11 Veterans out number the WWII, Korean, and now the Vietnam veterans residing in the area as olf 2021 with over 22,000 in their ranks and several thousand coming for the areas for higher education, trade schools, as well as those coming home.


This past Week Vandals destroyed one of the two $12,000 interactive displays unitsat the Plaza/Park, that listed thousands of Veterans and their service to the Country. The two displays are a favorite of Veterans, their families and their extended families and all who come to the Plaza and the many events in the repairs if you can..

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Veterans Plaza interactive Display Vandalized | One of Two $12,000 Units That The Plaza Raised the Funds For Over 2 Years...

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